Neighborhood Postcard Marketing

How it works

All the marketing zones target only the most affluent areas throughout Los Angeles. We also do everything from helping with the creative, design and the printing /mailing of your postcard, all for less than 16 cents per home.
A dedicated phone number will be given to each business to help track their results and eliminate the guesswork on whether or not their advertising dollars are working.


Your custom personalized postcard is designed using our “10 Postcard Marketing Best Practices,” the recipients first name and references your job site address giving you the best possible reach and response.


Zone 1
10,000 Homes
Zip Codes: 90049, 90272

Zone 2
10,000 Homes
Zip Codes: 90024, 90077, 90210, 90069

Zone 3
10,000 Homes
Zip Codes: 91364, 91356

Zone 4
10,000 Homes
Zip Codes: 91403, 91423, 91604, 90046


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